Oh Flight Delays 

(5.27.15) I am currently at 速八酒店, sharing a room with a Chinese native whose hometown is Yangzhou, worked a season in Hangzhou, and now is currently situated in Zhenjiang working in sales, while writing this report. He was really nice to me and treated me to two meals while we were in Shenzhen and he helped me find my internship location. What a God send! Originally, my flight was schedule to depart 7:25pm, however, after 2-3 hours of the flight status screen displaying the annoying and frustrating word, “delayed”, the passengers complained and hassled the airport personnel until they budged and provided us with a more tangible response to our dismay: free lodging. Never in my 24 years of existing on this planet, have I ever encountered flight delays until I came to China.



Oh the Lack of Sleep 

(5.28.15 several hours later) I am now heading back to Nanjing after two adventurous days journeying to the thriving and bustling city that is Shenzhen. I believe this one trip has taught me more than the passive and disengaging Nanjing classes. One, I fought sleep depravity off throughout my whole journey from Nanjing airport all the way to my internship site in Shenzhen, and secondly, I managed to survive 4-6 hours of dialogue with my future potential co-workers. Obviously, my performance during the interview was extremely poor due to my lack of knowledge in social work and my mental and physical state was affected by sleep deficiency.



*These experiences were made possible by the Gilman Scholarship 

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