Workplace Innovation Summit @ Ghirardeli Square San Francisco!

About The Event

Thought leadership on improving how & where we work. The workplace is changing. Are you? Well-designed organizations and workplaces translate into higher productivity, happier teams, longer employee retention, and increased revenue. Now, more than ever, innovation is essential to economic success. We’re looking to the future and bringing together some of the most innovative thought leaders in the nation to help us shape the future of the workplace. Attendees will be treated to world class keynote presentations, deep dives into cutting edge project case studies, and the latest trends in workplace innovation!


These are my takeaways and thoughts from listening to the ideas and concepts being shared at this event!

Adobe + Gensler: Creating The Future Physical Workspace To Drive Employee Engagement

Guiding Principles for Workplace Design


Productive: Enable a space to enable employees to produce the epitome of their greatest work.

Meaningful: Art, philosophy, design motifs and concepts applied to the workspace environment to set the stage for meaningful work to be engaged in day in and out.


Storytelling: Playing on the work place setting experience to inspire employees to permeate the Adobe story and experience in their daily work


Transformative: Creating a space that stretches, enhances experiences for employees and guests alike that positively impacts and inspires their life for progressive change

Community: Creating workplaces with the mastermind plan of naturally cultivating interactions and building communal engagements 

Holistic Wellbeing and Health

This concept alludes to leveraging the design of a workplace to empower employees with self-autonomy, creativity, flexibility, and restful innovation. For example, Adobe created purposeful fun spaces and break rooms to allow for fun, creative activities like magnetic chalk board sketching and other activities to enable work life integration.

Workplace Layout: Connection to Nature and Art to Inspire Creativity

Integrating concepts, color, themes, and structures to emulate earth-related workplace design to bring freshness and inspiration to the work environment. One cool thing Adobe does is changing the seating arrangements of workplaces at certain times of the day to transform the workplace experience to vibrate a different atmosphere and another context for creative thinking and inspiration.

Part of Something Bigger Than Myself

Creating a space for inclusion, to allow people to join a community greater than their individual self. The practical application of this concept would be creating an environment such as the library, cafes, cozy conference rooms, etc to allow people to congregate, connect, and cultivate an experience that expands outside of their individual self and create a shared experience.

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