Picture1.pngPurchasing a holistic selection of mobile accessories for your customers requires huge investment in time, energy, and capital in order to both appease the needs of the customer, while ensuring a profitable return for the retailer. In short, the process eats your brain, gives you buying decision constipation, and lastly, frustrates you to the 9th dimension of hell. Fret not mobile accessory enthusiasts, LTEMP staff has personally curated 8 different items that you cell phone retail store or cell repair shop owner should have.

Let’s have a look.

  1. TPU Clear Case. Clear TPU cases are the quintessential of any mobile accessories retailer because they are widely accepted by the majority of phone users. The transparent, simple design attracts consumers who want to retain the intrinsic beauty of their smartphone, while having some protection. Usually, the pricing for TPU case warrants retail inventory for most stores because they are affordable and yield a higher ROI due to the favorable profit versus cost margin. LTEMP offers wholesale TPU cases for iPhones and Samsung phones.2.png
  2. Tempered Glass Screen Protector (TGSP). TGSP are the bread and butter of all cellphone repair shops. The reason being TGSP typically boasts at least a 1:10 wholesale versus retail price margin. On another note, since TGSP is initially a low monetary commitment for the retailer, TGSP can be utilized as free-with-repair promotion campaigns to maintain or boost customer satisfaction, hence, ensure higher percentages of customer retention. Honestly, reasonable customers who just purchased a new phone typically rationalize an additional investment to install a TGSP. It goes without saying, smartphone owners who just repaired their cracked screen would scream to get that TGSP slapped on their phone ASAP. LTEMP offers limited lifetime warranty on all our tempered glass protector. What’s more? They are normally below $1 per unit (large volume orders results in much lower prices)and shipped from California.Picture1.png
  3. Power Bank. Lets be frank, most flagship smartphones (particularly iPhones) are notorious for having crappy battery. Now, especially since the advent of Pokémon Go and other battery draining applications, consumers need supplementary battery gadgets in order to catch them all or maintain their productivity by having extra juice at hand.   Picture1.png
  4. Micro USB Cable. Default data cables are bound to perish through frequent usage. Consumers are always in need of off-site stores who provide the life source to their smartphone. LTEMP wholesale micro USB cable less than $1!
  5. Wall Charger. This is another must-have item in your store because dedicated charging adapters typically exceeds the voltage output of your laptop or desktop, hence, drastically reducing charging time to allow you to use your electronic device faster. Our wall chargers went through QC tests to ensure quality and reliability. Furthermore, most Wall Chargers come at low voltage charging around 2.1 or 1.0V, however, LTEMP can provide charging adapters with higher voltage.
  6. Car Charger. This is for the commuter demographics who endeavor long distances from their homes to their office destination or for long road trips. Charge as you drive to be fully energized for the rest of the day while enjoying broadcasting podcast, blasting music, etc.
  7. Earphones. Stock headphones suck. Generally speaking, at least. Additionally, blasting music from your phones domestic speaker in a public setting would result in everyone leering at you with the evil eye. Prevent both of these pheromones by stocking quality earphone from LTEMP to privately enjoy your music with nirvanic quality. We offer budget to premium quality earphones.Picture2.png
  8. Reliable iPhone Data Cable. Apple is a real bugger on preventing third-party iPhone data manufacturers from delivering a permanent charging solution that would last past the initial software update. Trust us. Don’t be that retailer store that stocks non-MFI Apple Certified Cable, then sells them to customers, and inevitably relapse into having the same customer complain that the data cable was unreliable and defective, and consequently, damaging the reputation of your business. Now you know, therefore, you can prevent this by purchasing LTEMP iPhone Data Cables. Our mission is to provide you with legit iPhone data cables so that your customers will be happy from the point of purchase and after the fact. LTEMP offers MFI Apple Certified Cables with 1 year warranty at a very affordable price.


Now you are enlightened! We just discussed 8 must-have phone accessories you should have in your store for your customers. As always, if you need any assistance in picking the right product for your store, please call us 415-341-9785 or email us sale@ltemp.us. We breathe air in anticipation to serve you guys. Till next time!


Alex Cho-Interim Director of Development

David Kao- LTEMP CEO

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