Actualize is a part-time coding boot camp to help individuals become software engineers.

March 30th, 2017 event. Much appreciate to Luke for inviting me to this coding bootcamp, totally was impactful to my next career move. This was my first time participating or experiencing a coding bootcamp. Simply, it was a great experience and it really debunked and demystified the rock-science stereotype surrounded with coding and programming.

What I witnessed were busy professionals trying to break into the computer science industry (web development, full stack engineer, etc) who had little to zero experience in coding. After the 3 month coding session, the participants produced a complete, functional website tailored for different purposes (vacation booking, checking expiration of groceries, etc)


This career totally seems doable for me. But really, its more of a necessity since I am living in San Francisco, the tech-mecca of Silicon valley. Ultimately, I want to be in a tech related role, whether as a software developer or engineer. Additionally, I wouldn’t mind becoming a sales engineer in the future also. I am basically trying to be in a career and role that is indispensable for companies: to be able to build a product and to sell it.


I am planning to learn how to code and basically learn the fundamentals or 101 to programming/coding via CodeAcademy and other free coding resources. And eventually work up to Udacity: Nanodegree Program: Full Stack Web Developer. And hopefully by end of 2017 or early 2018, I will enroll in an online coding bootcamp like Bloc: Online Coding Bootcamp – Web Developer Track. That’s my overall plan, hopefully I can stick to it and make it come true. 

Stay tune world.

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