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I’ve known Faith when I started attending Golden Gate Christian Reformed Church back in 2012. Full transparency, I was pretty immature at that time. Extremely self-centered, boasting, and attention seeking (most part still the case, but much much better now haha) Furthermore, I used to make “faith” jokes towards Faith and it would irritate her. Bless her soul, she was very kind with me, more than I deserve and pulled me aside one day and boldly communicated the ramifications of my “faith” jokes.

As the years passed, I’ve seen how much she’s grown and matured (way more than me and she’s like 4 years younger than me!) and my respect for her deepened and grew also. When she speaks, it’s very inviting and peaceful, yet simultaneously packed with power and authority. The source of the latter stems from her insane passionate for the work she does and the care she deeply feels for the people she is serving.  It amazes me that she’s only 21-22 and she’s already one of the Interim Director of Alpha! Anyways, I look up to her a lot and shes a role model to me on compassionate living.

I can’t wait to see her story unfold even more as she continues to invest in the growth of Alpha Pregnancy.


Faith started volunteering at Alpha Pregnancy at the age of 16 under Chastidy Ronan, the director at the time. Chastidy attempted to dissuade Faith from coming back to volunteer however to no avail. Faith felt a strong calling from God to serve at Alpha. Her passion to serve women with unexpected pregnancy, compassionately care for them, empower them to make wise decisions without heaping judgement or condemnation on them blossomed with her every volunteer encounter at Alpha. Gradually, Alpha’s mission to economically, emotionally, and spiritually empowers women and families facing unplanned pregnancy rooted into Faith’s own personal mission. Additionally, she exemplifies Proverb 31 spirit of speaking up for others who don’t have a voice.

She learned humility by receiving the  huge burden and responsibility of being a director at Alpha and mentioned that she accomplishes her work day in and out through the grace and power of God. Deeply captivated by the glimpses of God’s work in the lives of family and friends of women with unplanned pregnancy fuel her passion to be grounded in Alpha till this day.


Chloe came to San Francisco, an unknown city while burdened with the fear of bringing another life into this world, a week prior seeking help from Alpha. She was fearful of the pregnancy and wanted to abort the child. First visit, she did not get the answer she wanted from Alpha.

This was not her first experience dealing with abortion, the first time she chose to abort, the decision haunted her after the action was carried out. Scarred by the pain, shame, and abortion from her first pregnancy

She came from a church background, prestigious Christian background. After her unexpected pregnancy, the golden child was instantaneously branded as wild child, consequently, her family reputation was ruined. People who knew them mocked Chloe and her family by calling them hypocrites who held a high, lofty standard while not being able to discipline their child.

Chloe fought the decision to keep the child until the moment of her  ultrasound when she witnessed the heartbeat of her child, when she gather her courage and strength to speak, she uttered, “is that my baby?”. In the end, Chloe decided to keep her child after that moment. In fact, 85% of abortion minded women change their mind once they see the picture of their baby’s ultrasound.

These types of stories are common since more than half of pregnant women choose abortion due to social, peer, and family constructed pressure. Theses stories are birthed from environments like for example, a motel next to Alpha. The motel produces lots clients for Alpha because it is an epicenter for mischievous conducts like drug dealing, gang activities, prostitution, etc. As a result, stories of women of unplanned pregnancy echoes from these dwelling places.



Amy came from a Christian family. When she was young, her parents took her to abortion protest events. When she had an unplanned pregnancy at the age of 19, false fear tormented her with lies about future potential of being disowned, homeless, etc. She went to the abortion clinic regardless, but she fainted due to pressure she had going in.

Don’t just be pro-birth, be pro-life, all of it

Next, luckily the father of the child did not leave her and more noteworthy, he agreed to marry her and take responsibility. Unfortunately, the story again became more sour when they asked their local pastor in Texas to marry them, but he refused them, and along these lines voiced his reason saying: “I can’t do it, you’ve sinned. I’m sorry”

During that period, she journeyed 9 months in the valley of  fear and loneliness. No one knew how to communicate with Amy after her pregnancy, whether to congratulate her or reprimand her for the actions she took. Luckily, Amy and her boyfriend at the time found another pastor to marry them.

Baby’s purpose begins with a mother’s courage

Fast forward into future, they happened upon the pastor who rejected her marriage. He mentioned that past decision haunted him for several long years and he felt ashamed of his unforgiving, condemning behavior. At that instance, that pastor asked Amy’s husband for forgiveness, and in return, her husband kindly released the words of forgiveness to that pastor.

Next, that pastor asked Amy and her son to speak to the his church. While inviting Amy and her son on stage, the pastor personally spoke to them saying, “I asked your husband for forgiveness, but will you forgive me Amy?” Of course, she did. Next, the pastor turned and approached Amy’s 16  year old son and asked him for forgiveness. The teenage boy responded with grace also. In addition, Amy’s son thinks of himself as an overcomer of abortion and champions the message of pro-life in his life to this day.

Unchurched people think that church is all about behavior modification


As fast as possible: Story of a girl, worked at UPS store, got pregnant, prayed to God to send someone who will ship something with church on it. A person showed up (made websites for churches) and she poured out all her emotions and worries on him and he connected her to his wife and eventually someone who helped her. The website church box guy told her that she will be a good mom and that made all the difference to her. The girl kept the child.


The reason why I came to this event was to challenge my own personal views on the matter of abortion and continually foster an open mind that is willing to learn, improve, and change if reasonably necessary. I was really conflicted about wanting to support Alpha. My personally view and systems of value leans towards pro-choice. Yet, I do admire, appreciate, and respect Alpha’s mission and all they do for women with unexpected pregnancies. However, my perspective on this subject matter is very pragmatic, reason-driven,

From an economically standpoint, choosing to have a child when your finances are not ideal will cause a lot of unnecessary stress and burden to the lives of those who are responsible for the child, much more, unfair burden and economical disadvantage to that child.

Tackling this subject from a spiritual perspective, bringing in another soul to this world of suffering and pain seems to me to be a very selfish choice on behalf of the parents or individual mother. Undeniably, the child will have to face death one day. Admittedly, this objection for pro-life overflows into other topics and it’s not really dedicated to put to rest pro-life. But it is worth mentioning.

In short, this topic really is controversial. By no means do I want to side with one particular view, it really is a case by case matter. In the end, I would advocate valuing relationships and respecting the decision of the mother after she has been educated of the pros and cons of either side. Complicated topic. I am still learning and refuse to be stubbornly fixated on one side versus the other.


You can volunteer or choose to donate to support Alpha.

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