Much appreciation to Amanda Delzell for giving me this opportunity to participate in Goal Summit 2017.

Check out Betterworks YouTube Channel for video recordings from the Goal Summit sessions.


Enabling employee feedback and empowering employees to voice out their ideas on their own success

  • In 2012, Donna Morris – EVP of Customer & Employee Experience – while on a plane ride to India, was reviewing all the performance reviews from managers at Adobe
  • Landed in India, spoke with a reporter, and mentioned she want to dismantle the Adobe’s HR system.
  • Donna executed on her decision to renovate on Adobe’s HR system and adopted the Continuous Performance Management type of HR approach.
  • As a result, this decision saved Adobe 80,000-100,000 hours on People Operations after adopting this new performance management model.

Kris wanted to be a computer salesman or chemist when he was a 3rd grader

  • Betterworks helped people achieve 500K goals, 50M conversations, and 5K peer feedbacks to date
  • Major Challenges at Companies: Focus, Feedback, and Facilitation.

Traditional performance management is like playing a game that has no clear objectives on how to win

  • Managers spend 200 hours on average on the performance review process. To put in perspective, it takes 200 hours to fly around the earth 4 times.
  • 1/3 of companies around the world are adopting the new Continuous Performance Management model
  • The companies mentioned that the process is simpler, 100% polls reveal that conversation quality increased; 91% polls show data for employee evaluation is better, and 90% polls demonstrate employee engagement increased.

94% of organizations don’t believe their current performance management process is effective

My Rendition on the “Fail Faster Mentality”

Similar to how humility is never a full stop destination, rather, it is an active-state of being maintained by a perpetual drive and practice of failing, learning, and improving; so is failure in respects to success.

  • There degrees in failure, and the difference ranges between type  (Game Stopper Failures) 1 vs type 2 (Manageable Failures) failures. Type 1 failures are lethal in nature and completely knock you out of the game (getting fired, breaking the law, etc) Type 2 failures are more common and do not pose eternal ramifications.
  • When you fail, understand the process leading up to the failure, success is measurable and it occurs when you pinpoint the instance of misalignment from actions needed to achieve a particular goal and the executional power to actualize those goals. Understanding the process enables and empowers you to practice and strengthen executive power that towards key actions to completing a goal.
  • Failing fast and smart involves creating a success metrics for yourself or lists of actions needed to accomplish a goal prior to going out and trying to fail fast.
  • After you created a road map to success, execute on those key actions needed to achieve those goals. Within the process, locate segments of weakness or unoptimized action/processes, target those weak links or unnecessary actions and quickly find an alternative solution, action, method that can accomplish the end goal faster.

Embrace the necessary reality of success: the daily process of failure and improvement.

Stress at work is an epidemic and cost $300 billion for U.S. businesses annually


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