Jiangxi History and Culture

“The history of Jiangxi can be traced to 10,000 years ago according to unearthed historical relics. In Chinese modern history, Jiangxi played an important role as one Central Revolutionary Base Area during the period the Second Chinese Revolutionary Civil War (a civil war between 1927 and 1937 in China). Nanchang, the capital city of Jiangxi Province, is the scene of Nanchang Uprising, which is the origin of Chinese People’s Liberation Army Day. Located in the southwest of Jiangxi Province, Jinggangshan has dozens of historic sites of Red Army of Chinese Workers and Peasants”

Duchang Background 都昌简介

“都昌县是江西省九江市下辖的一个县。位于江西省北部,全县83万人,多为汉族江右民系。使用赣语。都昌滨临鄱阳湖,地处江右“五水汇一湖”要冲,居南昌、九江 、景德镇“金三角”中心地带,南联五水,北通长江,杭瑞高速和即将开工的九景衢铁路、加密高速交汇境内。总面积2669.5平方公里,其中,水域面积1390平方公里,占国土面积的52.1%,拥有鄱阳湖1/3的水域。全县辖24个乡镇, 259个村委会,截止到2012年全县共82万人口。都昌自汉高祖六年设县,已有2000多年的历史,是江西18个文明古县之一。孕育了东晋大司马陶侃、南宋爱国丞相江万里等名人”



My Experience 

This is my friend (徐天成, John Xu) from Nanjing’s hometown, furthermore, this is also the first country side I have been to in China. As expected, the conditions here are not as optimised as in the big cities, however, technology has found its way deep in the country side, especially smartphones and wireless internet (although the signal is not reliable). Admittedly, it was difficult for me to bear that inconveniences of the country-side, nevertheless, I still loved the break from large cities, at least the air was cleaner but the other parts of the village were polluted by trash.

Going to the restroom to relieve yourself required manual flushing. This was not fun. Well, the experience was valuable, but the process was painful. There were chickens and roosters everywhere. Every house seems to be doorless, I guess public safety is really good in the village side. My friend’s parents both have careers in the education field:his father is the principal of the local school in the village and his mom is a teacher at the village, hence, their social position and authority in the village is rather high, furthermore, his grandparents are also the elders of this village.

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Duchang’s History from a Native’s Perspective:John Xu (徐天成)and his Father 我徐建国 (Mr. Xu)

 500+ Year Old Tree 

My friend cracked a joke saying that this tree’s life span is close to double the length of America’s existence as a country. Har har.

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Original Door Column 唯一留下的门楹

My friend’s dad said that this is an original antique that has lasted prior to and throughout the Cultural Revolution.


Dragon Lantern 龙灯

In the past, this wooden skeleton was used during Chinese New Years and on other holidays for celebration and ceremonial purposes.


Original Wood Carvings 原木窗雕

Uncle Xu told us that these wooden sculptures were hand craved, moreover, the animals cravings usually represents good fortune and luck. However, the sculptures that are missing faces was the result of government officials, during the Cultural Revolution, who commanded that the faces of important figures be dismantled or destroyed.

20151005_174834 20151005_174626 20151005_174146 20151005_174119 20151005_174033

Grandpa Xu’s Tangerine Tree 徐良俊爷爷的橘子树

Aside from the tree, Grandpa Xu has been a Christian for more than half his life-time (he’s 80 years old), he accepted Christ prior to the Cultural Revolution.


20151005_151654 20151005_151257 20151005_150802

Ancestral Hall 祠堂

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20151005_145146 20151005_145233 20151005_145219

Village Environment 





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