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Breaking news. Yesterday, popular product review Youtuber-Lewis Hilsenteger [Lew] from UnboxTherapy- just released a new video featuring a iPhone 7 Plus prototype sent by a Chinese manufacturer. Lew’s video just only confirmed what Pocketnow, Technobuffalo, EverythingApplePro, and other tech Youtube channel predicted the highly anticipated September, 2016 iPhone 7 would feature.

Lew reviewed the iPhone 7 Plus (previously coined iPhone 7 Pro) prototype. Let’s examine certain key changes of this iteration of the iPhone:

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New Color: Blueish/Purplish tone depending on the angle you hold the phone. Bold move by Apple. Hopefully, the new color scheme will attract new consumers who favor a fresh hue to the iPhone line up.

Double Camera Hump: iPhone 6S Plus. Wabble. iPhone 7 Plus. Wabble, wabble. Yes. The iPhone 7 Plus will make more sound as you type or operate it while completely “flat” on a surface. Get over it. The iPhone 7 Plus will be rocking a dual lense camera set up, ensuring substantial camera performance increase in terms of pluralistic functionality, features, and controls. I’m definitely over it.

Sayonara Antenna Lines: No more distasteful parallel antenna lines. Instead, Apple designed the iPhone 7 with the antenna layout to decorate the rims of the phone.

3 Pin-Docking Ports: A.K.A. Smart Connector. This feature of the iPhone 7 can potentially enable the possibilities of wireless charging, modular cases, and other possibilities.

2 Speaker Grills. Yup. 3.5mm Audio Jack, Gone: The topic of Apple removing the 3.5mm audio jack stirred up a plethora of controversies. Regardless, this rumor has stronger basis due to the unboxing of this iPhone 7 Plus prototype. Implications of this radical change involves introducing lightning cable to 3.5mm audio jack adapters or Apple providing stock wireless earphones. LTEMP provides variety of Bluetooth wireless headphones.

Other Speculations

32G Base Model: The buzz circulating in the Youtube tech crowd all point to this prediction. This applies for both the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Thank you Spagetti Monster! You’ve heard our prayers! For the economic Apple consumer (is that an oxymoron?), the entry model will have more storage, simultaneously, celebrating Apple’s first 32G base model iPhone. Both variants will have these storage options: 32G, 128G, 256G. Nevertheless, Apple is pulling an unprecedented move. the 256G iPhone 7 Plus variant will charter into new wallet-crushing territories, marking the first $1000 iPhone. Apple… You monster.

Space Black: Some Apple analyst argued Apple won’t introduce another color option, but based on Lew’s iPhone 7 Plus prototype revealing the Blueish/purplish color variant, we might have another selection plus a reboot of the Space Gray version.

Removal of Physical Notification Button: Personally, this is my favorite feature of any smartphone. However, Apple might opt for eliminating the physical notification rocker and replace it with a stock software tool button.

Capacitive Apple Home-Button: Highly speculative change. Rather than the iconic physical home button since the original iPhone, Apple might innovate the iPhone 7 with a capacitive, fingerprint sensor home button to promote potential water resistance or water proofing.

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Author: Alex Cho- Interim Director of Development

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