Squid Fishing with Relatives in HK

Book Fair (书展)

I bought two books. One about common Japanese grammar on exams from N5 to N1 and a book about writing English emails (英文E-mail抄这本就够了), quite humorous really. The book fair was a lot of fun. I am truly inspired on how much Hong Kong values knowledge.

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The Mahjong “Pub Crawl”

This event was fun. If you have nothing going on Thursday night in HK, you best check this activity out!

“Bring your dancing shoes as we join the friendly crew at: out for a night on the town, exploring all the best secret and local venues that Hong Kong has to offer. A great chance to meet people from hostels all across the city!”

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Hong Kong is Looking For Waldo (Wally) Also!

Guess what? I found him and even got a chance to take a picture with him.

IMG_9661 IMG_9662

Hong Kong Wax Museum (香港蜡像馆)

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Mong Kok (旺角)on Weekends 

IMG_9907 IMG_9910

Best Part, Still is Spending Time with Family 

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*These experiences were made possible by the Gilman Scholarship 

7/14 -7/25/15

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