Small City of Zhenjiang


First Impressions

Besides the inescapable fog (smog..) that China is so known for, Zhenjiang was quite a pleasant trip. Taking a coach from Nanjing took about two hours and taking the high-speed train back only took 20 minutes, absolutely amazing, I wish the US had such conveniences. For a small city, my friend and I were amazed that they had an IMAX theater, Macdonalds, Starbucks, and other popular franchises.  Overall, Zhenjiang is a pretty humble city.

 Golden Mountain Temple (金山寺)

This tourist site was the bomb. The architecture best represents China’s ancient history and spirit, moreover, the design of the entrances and stairs up to the temple were beautifully crafted years ago. The entire site was screams of Buddhist motifs since the main attraction deals with idol worship and burning incense ceremonies.

  IMG_7028  IMG_7020



Xi Jin Du Old Street (西津渡古街)

What caught my attention about this was the fact there were lots of international restaurants situated in this supposedly rural and ancient  Chinese landmark , for example my friend and I giggled as we passed by a particular Italian restaurant that she ate at in the states prior to coming to China.

IMG_7088    IMG_7099

IMG_7097   IMG_7125

  Jiao Shan Mountain (焦山)

For 32 RMB (student discount), you get to ride a short ferry to Jiao Shan Mountain! On the island, the scenery and architecture allows you to truly appreciate China, you just have to go there yourself to experience it. The eight story temple situated at the peak of the mountain supposedly contains 10,000 Buddhas, anyways, its called the Ten Thousand Buddha Pagoda. The view you get after reaching the 8th story is spectacular, minus the fog (smog).

IMG_7136       IMG_7137

IMG_7171     IMG_7183

Last Thoughts

If your in China and your home city is close to Zhenjiang, you should definitely swing by over for a look-see. I wouldn’t mind going back to Zhenjiang for a second time, especially since I have yet to exhaust all the tourist spots.

*These experiences were made possible by the Gilman Scholarship 


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