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I entered a store that I was prospecting, approached the buying manager and nonchalantly pulled this unthreatening small metal can out of my pocket, synced it to my Note 5, played the Piano Guys cover of “A Sky Full of Stars” and then I saw his eyebrows sprung upwards and his mouth dropped wide open: “I did not hear that coming”. Around the store, customers were turning their heads and attention my way. The Ecoutec Lente commanded this type of attention and response.

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At first glance, you will unmistakably notice Lente as a non-threating, small, sleek metal cylinder that boasts portability and durability. For the careless and clumsy folks, this product will put up with your abuse. Quickly connect to Bluetooth and immediately enjoy music. Built in mic. Seamless transitions from music to talk. Effortless connectivity.In terms of sound, imagine a house cat with the roar of a lion.

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A mighty sound. This product looks unintimidating, yet it will surprise you. It easily commands the presence in a small-medium size room with shaking bass and balanced trembles. Blast the volume, and witness this small metal tin-can vibrate and pulsate with power. Anti-slip pad to ensure firm hold on any surface. 4-6 hours of fun per charge, hence, less charge and more fun. Lastly, Lente possesses Bluetooth 4.0 which is compatible across iOS, Android, and Windows devices.


Obviously, the first application is to substitute your smart phone’s speakers. For instance, to iPhone 4/4S/5/5S owners, this product would be the ultimate portable sound solution for the miniscule stock speakers in your phone. Here are some more ideas:

  1. Music speaker substitute for your car
  2. Outdoor day excursions or camping trips
  3. Amplify the sound volume for small laptops (Macbook Air 11 inch, Macbook etc)
  4. Group calls, phone meetings, etc
  5. Makes for a great gift
  6. Music solution when you are taking a shower 😉



Personally, this product doesn’t resonate with any of my needs. On the other hand, did I enjoy the product? Absolutely. When I would hang out with my friends in a small room and I would like some background music in the atmosphere, this is the small speaker is easily accessible and ready to use. However, it does make an interesting addition to an Everyday Pack. Will you use it a lot? Yes. Lente can conveniently fit in your lifestyle without being hassle.

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The LTEMP team and I give Lente two thumbs up for buy it. You won’t be disappointed with this small, compact, portable Bluetooth speaker. It is the best Bluetooth speaker in its class and a decent price for what you are getting.

How to Get Your Hands On Lente

Consumers: For more information about how you can get your hand on Lente, please click here and check the Amazon reviews.

Wholesalers/Distributors: For more information about the product and specifications please click Écoutec, Lente

About the Author:

Alex Cho launched his product review endeavors with LTEMP. He also deals with the copywriting for OEM products manufactured by LTEMP.

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