First Impressions

After arriving at the Wuxi high-rail station, my friend and I were both astonished by the fact that Wuxi had its own subway station, albeit, there were only two lines, however, that just made things much more simpler for travellers. Although this city is relatively small, but the it is quite modern and has pretty much what you would expect a city to have, such as, super giant shopping malls with IMAX.

Nanchan Temple (南禅寺)

This destination’s primary tourist attraction is the tower, but my friend and I decided not to climb it since we could pretty much guess what was inside: 10,000 Buddhas. Nevertheless, on a sunny day, this destination really is a site that makes you stand in awe of its beauty.

IMG_7363   IMG_7366

IMG_7385   IMG_7388

Xihui Park (锡惠公园)

The park was a fresh relief from the mundane life of being surrounded by cement buildings and walls. Despite the large volume of people, the park remained relatively open and enjoyable. As painful as it was, my friend and I climbed an impressive hill in order to get a great view of the city, which in the end, proved very rewarding.

IMG_7403  IMG_7428

IMG_7435  IMG_7407

IMG_7443 IMG_7415

Chongan Pedestrian Street (崇安寺生活区)

This destination begins with modern stores and buildings and one walks closer towards the heart, one uncovers the historical scenery and atmosphere that emulates from the centre.  Overall, this place is pretty much a shopping haven, but it also includes activities for all ages.

IMG_7471   IMG_7472

IMG_7475 IMG_7474


Final Thought

I came to Wuxi with low expectations, however, returned with respect and appreciation of this city.

*These experiences were made possible by the Gilman Scholarship 


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