First Impressions 

My first impressions of Yangzhou were very poor, probably due to the fact that the weather was extremely gloomy and cold. In addition, the tourist sites were quite expensive and did not offer any student discount, for this reason, I was very upset with this small city of Jiangsu. Yangzhou cuisine and specialties were not appetising also.

Shouxi Lake 瘦西湖

This tourist site required an entrance fee of 150RMB, which is extremely outrageous! In short, my roommate and I refused to enter.  However, the scenery surrounding the entrance was nice?


Geyuan Garden 个园

My roommate and I both agreed that this place was quite boring. Supposedly, this garden is one of the best gardens that China has to offer. This can’t be correct. Nevertheless, at least the ticket wasn’t as expensive as Shouxi lake, which made it a bit more bearable to take a look-see.

IMG_7272     IMG_7304

IMG_7286    IMG_7302

Yangzhou Dongguan Street

Out of the three tourist destinations we went to, this place kicked the last two destination’s butts when it comes to entertainment, allure, and atmosphere. For one, this tourist site was free to wander about. Secondly, the “feel” this place radiates warms the heart, not to mention the various aroma of delicious night market eats.

IMG_7321     IMG_7328


Final Thoughts

Although Yangzhou did not meet the expectations of both my roommate and I, the conversations we had during our trip there were worthwhile. We conversed on multiple topics, from silly and boyish gibberish about chasing girls to deep philosophising of the things of the universe and life’s personal questions of morality, meaning, and direction. “大智若愚” great wisdom is like foolishness; “大象无形” the greatness behind the universe has no form (possibly could apply this to God?) ; “大音希声” the greatest and loudest sound cannot be heard.

*These experiences were made possible by the Gilman Scholarship 


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