First Impressions

Zhangzhou, Fujian province, is considered one of China’s fiery hot furnaces of China. After stepping off the cool air conditioned bus, immediately I had a minor headache due to the sudden drastic change in temperature. It was quite hot. However, aside from this, the reason I came here was because my friend, 曹坤梁, agreed to accompany me to Xiamen if I were willing to go Zhangzhou with him to bring some stuff back from his university dorm. It was nice visiting his university, albeit, I felt like I don’t belong in such a setting anymore, despite the fact that I haven’t official graduated. On another note, It is still nice to know that I get occasional stares from attractive girls. Sighs. Gotta cherish this while you are young. But not to the point where it inflates your ego to the point of explosion.

Background 漳州简介

“Located in the south of Fujian Province and in the Lower reaches of Nine-dragon River, Zhangzhou is one of the central cities of the Xiamen-Zhangzhou-Quanzhou Economic Zone, and has the title of national historic and cultural city. Zhangzhou belonged to the Yue State in the Warring States Period and it was founded as a county in the Jin Dynasty. Later a state was set up in the Tang Dynasty. The name of Zhangzhou derives from a river nearby called the Zhang River. In the late Song Dynasty, some residents of Zhangzhou had begun to migrate to Taiwan Island. Zhangzhou is one of the major native places where oversea Chinese and Taiwan compatriots settled”


Confucius Temple (文庙)

“漳州文庙位于市区修文西路,是我国四大孔庙之一,也是漳州城内最大的古建筑群,国家级重点文物保护单位。始建于宋庆历四年(1044年)。 历史上,朱熹、郑成功、黄道周都曾到此庙祭祀孔子;南宋建炎年间(1127-1130年),孔子后裔避兵入漳,居住于此,其子孙世代相传住于庙内直至明正德年间。漳州文庙现存占地面积15000平方,建筑面积2600平方,,有仪门、戟门、丹墀、月台、大成殿,两旁为东西两庑及敬一亭等。漳州文庙具有很高的古文化和历史文物价值,是漳州文化发展史重要的实证物。大成殿内部结构和细部装饰据专家考评均为宋代遗物,是研究宋代文庙建筑的珍贵实例,反映了当时闽南一带较高的石雕刻技术和建筑技术水平”

IMG_1808 IMG_1810 IMG_1812 IMG_1814 IMG_1824

Old Cultural Street (文化古街)

IMG_1834 IMG_1836 IMG_1837 IMG_1843 IMG_1845

Weizhen Cabinet (威镇阁)


IMG_1856 IMG_1860 IMG_1864 IMG_1868

Final Thoughts

Zhangzhou was nice. Plus, the time that I arrived (16:00) was an opportune moment when the sun casted a more appropriate light to accent the natural beauties of the city. However, I would not come again. This was a one time trip.

IMG_1875 IMG_1876 IMG_1877 IMG_1878

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*These experiences were made possible by the Gilman Scholarship 


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