2015.06.01 Child’s Day (儿童节) Thank You   Relationships and connections are arguably more essential than that of an individual’s raw talents and skills. Admittedly, the latter is necessary, however, insufficient for getting ahead in life or even getting out of a hole. Everyone needs a hand to help lift you up from life’s vices and hardships. I was very fortunate that I got tremendous help from Jun Liu (my boss? Technically?) and her friends in Zhengzhou. The internship opportunity (7 Business) was a position involving Marketing and English language training. I was treated very kindly by getting picked up from the airport, being taken out to hot pot, and having someone give me a tour of the city. Unfortunately, I couldn’t take the internship due to conflicts with my study abroad program’s requirements. Nevertheless, in the future there might be potential for mutual corporation.


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Other Thoughts  It was disheartening to catch a glimpse of how serious air pollution is in China. When I was in the car heading towards downtown, the visibility was horrible, thick smog enshrouded most of the city on that day. One of the friends from 7 Business told me that the air pollution that day was pretty serious. Hopefully, in the near future, China will take it’s environmental issues more seriously and solve this imperative problem.

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*These experiences were made possible by the Gilman Scholarship 

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