First Impressions 

In my previous post concerning Foshan, I mentioned that the atmosphere and pace of life is relatively slower than that of Guangzhou or Shenzhen. Well, Zhongshan is also no different, the lifestyle here is much more mellow than the average city in China. There really wasn’t much going on here except for the pedestrian street and Sun Zhong Shan memorial. Overall, in comparison to Foshan, Zhongshan fairs better in respects to liveliness and things to do.

Sunwen West Road Pedestrian Street 

“Sunwen Xi Pedestrian Street, boasting a history of over 100 years, lies to one side of the Shiqi River Bridge. While the western bank of the Shiqi River is fairly tame, crossing the bridge and walking down the pedestrian thoroughfare of Sunwen Road leads to a glamorous display of Zhongshan’s new-found wealth.

The reputation of Sunwen Xi Pedestrian Street is built upon its contribution to the economy and culture of Zhongshan City. Tourists come to visit and shop in an endless stream every year. As a result, their consumption has occupied a significant percentage in the sum consumption income of Zhongshan. Besides, the authorities spare no effort to strengthen and reinforce the development of Zhongshan culture and this effort is perfectly incarnated by the building of The Cultural Square”



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Xiangshan Commercial Cultural Museum 

“Located on 152, Sunwen Road (West), the original site of Shiqi Commerce Committee in the 1940s, Zhongshan Museum of Xiangshan Commercial Culture is the first commerce-centric museum in China. The three-storey museum covers an exhibit space of 2,000 square meters, housing nearly 400 articles. Aided by real articles, pictures and multi-media, the museum chronicles the commercial development in Zhongshan, including the commercical culture in the late Qing dynasty and the early Republic of China, how Sun Yat-sen and Zheng Guan-ying thought about commerce, the introduction of some Zhongshan-origin compradors in the early modernization period, and how the four mega department stores were founded. These exhibits afford visitors a good glimpse of the long history of commerce in Zhongshan. A multi-media interactive system for inquiring is available on each floor, through which visitors can inquire about materials related to Zhongshan’s commercial culture. A plasma display panel is installed in the exhibition hall to demonstrate Zhongshan’s commercial culture”




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Sun Yat Sen Residence Memorial Museum 

“Sun Yat-sen had an amazing life that is worth studying if you want to understand the history of modern China. He grew up learning about resistance against the Qing from a former Taiping soldier. Then he attended school in Hawaii. He became a Western-trained medical doctor, and he started to travel around the world to raise funds for a revolution. He led the revolution to try to form a republic. He was the first president of the country, but he stepped down. However, he was considered the foremost leader by most people until his death.

Sun Yat-sen organized and led a revolution against the Qing Empire in the first decade of the 20th century. He was became a temporary first president of the country at the end of the Qing Empire in 1912. Shanghai was China’s most international and modern city, and he and his family lived in this Western-style house in the International Settlement that was a large self-governing British-run district of foreigners. He traveled often, and he probably wasn’t actually there much from 1918 to the time of his death in 1924. Next to his former house, there is a museum building about him”


“2010年5月,孙中山故居纪念馆被中共中央纪委、监察部评为第一批全国廉政教育基地;2011年7月,孙中山故居纪念馆举行全国廉政教育基地揭牌仪式。多年来,孙中山故居纪念馆坚持通过开展多种形式的爱国主义教育活动,不断增强教育的针对性和时效性,增强教育的吸引力和感染力。先后被评为全国优秀社会教育基地、全国爱国主义教育示范基地、中国侨联爱国主义教育基地、全国精神文明建设工作先进单位等。孙中山故居纪念馆坚持挖掘、传播和发扬孙中山廉政思想,成效显著,为进一步发挥基地的教育功能,特举办了《孙中山的廉政思想及实践》展览,通过语录、文物、照片、声像等,集中展示一代伟人的廉政思想及事迹,大力弘扬本土廉政文化,为中山市党风廉政建设和反腐败斗争深入开展,营造良好社会氛围” (备注:原文于网易新闻)

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Last Thoughts 

As with Foshan, I wouldn’t come back to Zhongshan. One trip is enough I believe for a lifetime. At least I get to say I have been here.



*Majority of contents are derived from the sources provided in the hyperlinks. Thus, the credit goes to the original author of those links.

*These experiences were made possible by the Gilman Scholarship 


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