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Introduce yourself:

I just recently graduated from University of Bamplona of Columbia, with a degree in Foreign Language Teaching in English and French. A fun fact is that, in Columbia, it is mandatory for people to have two last names, deriving from both the mother’s and father’s side. Hence, I have two full names: Dany Alejandro and Arévalo Pinzón.

What brings you to HK?

Mainly, I am looking for a job to teach English, French, or Spanish. I am going to give myself 3-4 months to find a job in HK. As of present, I am surviving on my savings and my uncles financial support. Hong Kong is also the first country I visited, and it just the beginning.

Why did you choose your major?

Originally, I wanted to become a palaeontologist, you know the guy who studies old fossils and what not, however my school in Columbia did not provide palaeontology as a major, therefore, my uncle recommended me to study English, since learning English would open the door for me to study whatever I want in the future. However, afterwards I realised I loved languages, thus I chose a degree in teaching Foreign Languages in English and French.

What’s your dream career

Ultimately, I want to become a polyglot. Presently, I know how to speak Spanish, English, and French, but in the future I aspire to learn German, Russian, and Japanese (just for anime).

Are you planning to go graduate school?

Yes. Hopefully in New Zealand, because it would be easier for me to receive scholarship, and I would like study a degree in linguistic and teaching.


Alexis Hiron from Nantes, France


Who is He?

I received an undergraduate degree in Recycle Management in France. I am currently doing a Working Holiday in Hong Kong.

Fun Facts

He has been to San Francisco four times, moreover, lived in Hawaii in a tent for 3 months. Hitchhiked from Alaska to San Francisco for one summer. Lived in Sichuan, China for 3 months.

What Are You Doing Now? 

I work at recycle NGO in Hong Kong (Green Glass Green). My primary responsibility is to visit bars and restaurants to see if they are willing to recycle.

What is your Dream Career?

Recycle management for career for life. I love this career, it is my skill, and it is my passion.


*These experiences were made possible by the Gilman Scholarship 


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