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1 Plymouth and Sagamore a.k.a. “The FISH” taken by Rendi Diaz 2013


1923831_19996538143_4456_n I was introduced to this dance by my friend, Wilmer Tam, as a middle school student at Presidio middle school in 2002. Thereupon, I was heavily engaged in the dance, culture, and community as a teenager and young adult. It was a privilege to be taught by talented dancers who mentored and supervised my growth, namely: Ron Career (B-Boy Profowon), Rob Career (Rob Nasty), Miles Pineda Kenidi (B-Boy Milestones), and Jeffrey Lynn McCann (B-Boy Machine). Furthermore, I am grateful to being part of Boogie City Residences Crew (Dennis, Ahmad, Randell, Richard, EJ, and John) and having the joy and privilege of participating in competitions with them. My breakdancing alias was B-Boy Chosenwon.


Boogie City Resident 2012


San Francisco Cellspace Monday Night Sessions 2012


Protest at San Francisco Civic Center Plaza 2011



An amateur one, at best. I picked up music (voice, guitar) in my junior year of high school as the result of being inspired by a couple Young Life leaders (Lily Jensen and Dan Chung). I participated in a couple open mics in college and hosted a few myself with friends at Young Life College. However, I mostly just help out with worship at the churches I have been part of. _DSC2588.jpg _DSC2545.jpg 460384_307726809283982_118583788198286_827529_30414049_o.jpg482952_10150922651143144_1482815718_n



I recently discovered my interest and passion for taking good pictures, to help people or myself, convene and narrate a story using pictures. I primarily use my iPhone 5s to take pictures, for three main reasons: one, I can’t afford an actual camera at the moment; two, I don’t know how to use a professional camera that well; three, my iPhone is all I have to take pictures. Nevertheless, I still strive to take decent pictures with what I got. As for inspirations, that would go to my high school photography teacher, Rob Schnitzer, albeit, I wasn’t very studious or as passionate about the subject in my foolish teenage years. Secondly, it would be Rona Chan, a freelance photographer in Hong Kong. 165655_494217688143_7050256_n


CHINESE FLAGSHIP CAPSTONE 2015: CHINA On 8/21/15, the amount of places I have traveled to outside of the U.S. exceeds my physical age (24 years). On 10/24/15, the amount of cities I have traveled within China is equivalent to my physical age that year (24). In China (24): Shanghai (上海), Beijing (北京), Nanjing (南京), Wuxi (无锡), Yangzhou (扬州), Hangzhou (杭州), Suzhou(苏州), Zhenjiang(镇江), Zhengzhou (郑州), Yixing (宜兴), Anhui, Huangshan (安徽,黄山), Shenzhen(深圳), Guangzhou (广州), Chaoqing(肇庆), Shaoguan(韶关),Zhongshan (中山),*Amount of places traveled > physical age* Foshan (佛山), Zhangzhou (漳州), Xiamen (厦门),  Zhuhai (珠海), Nanchang (南昌), Jiujiang (九江), Duchang (都昌), Chaozhou (潮州)*Cities traveled in China = physical age* Guilin and Yangshuo (桂林·阳朔)*On 12/4/15 cities traveled in China > physical age * Other Places (9): Japan, Taiwan, Macau, Hong Kong, Burma, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Mexico. Big thanks to Kendrick Shu for the inspiration for taking on this challenge. Although his feat is more impressive, instead of places, for him it was countries. 407149_10150560926973144_750051322_n


First introduced to this wonderful sport as a junior in high school by Dan Chung, but I normally surf with his brother, David Chung. What I love about surfing is having a first-hand encounter with God in nature. You learn so much while engaging in the untamed waves in the ocean: perseverance, hard-work, patience, will-power, reverence, and so much more. Surfing, to me at least, runs in parallel with life’s uncertainties, worries, fears, and hardship. Conquering the waves gives me confidence and encouragement to conquer the big waves that life presents.


San Francisco Ocean Beach (Taraval and Great Highway) taken by David Chung


Los Angeles Summer 2011 taken by David Chung   

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