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Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Sales In Surprising WaysForbes

Will robots replace the role of the SDR?


Human Empathy Is Irreplaceable: The panel collectively discounted this concern for the main reason that AI and Machine Learning (ML) has powerful application in processing manual, repetitive tasks involved in the daily workflow of a salesperson. However, when it comes to creating rapport, empathizing with the challenges of a human, and responding with emotion and understanding; only a human being is capable of having a  dialogue that involves emotions and empathy for another human being.


What kind of impact with AI and ML will have on Sales?

How To Prepare Your Sales Team For AI Adoption – Sales Hacker

Reduce or Eliminate Manual, Repetitive Tasks: Whether that involves data entry, cyclical processes of booking appointments, or activating a desired action through one click whereas historically it was accomplished via several clicks, etc.

Increase Lead Quantity and Quality: By leveraging a huge, collected data set of past successful or failed deals, AI and ML can predict the characteristics, attributes, and elements involved of both good and bad opportunities. This can be applied at all different stages of the funnel.

AI and machine learning in sales: Everything you need to know for the future – The Future of Customer Engagement and Commerce

Prospecting: Streamline the manual process of researching and updating contacts in an existing account by pre-setting specific criteria of an ideal prospect and leveraging automation to pull data from respective sites and update your company’s CRM or database.

Closing and Negotiation Scenarios: Powered by AI and ML, salespersons in a closing role can leverage a program to calculate several negotiation outcomes that a probable in a given contract or negotiation situation. Next, each outcome will have its respective automatically generated contract or quotes. Backed up with all this information, a salesperson will have all the tools, knowledge, and outcomes at hand to make data driven decisions during the negotiation, contract phase of a deal.

Why AI Will Be Your New Best Friend in Sales – Quotable by Salesforce

Focus and Time Efficiency: Employ AI and ML to selectively curate the best ideal customer profiles for reps to target versus the “spraying and praying” outreach methodology. This will optimize a rep’s effectiveness and efficiency within the allocated 8 working hours they have to produce better results, while saving the individual rep’s from burning time and resources on accounts or contacts that have an unprofitable ROI.



Personally, I cannot wait for AI and ML to be an integral part in the life of a salesperson. My hope is that AI & ML can take out the in-human aspect of sales that is not enjoyable for both the salesperson and customer: annoying, no-context, cold outreach. This way, hopefully the salesperson can act more as a consultant and enabler in contrast to being seen as someone to be avoided.

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