First Impressions 


The city of Yixing was a 2 1/2 hour bus ride from Nanjing. In comparison to the other cities in Jiangsu province, it notably apparent that Yixing lacks the glamour and appeal of bigger cities. Honestly, I was very nervous of going to this tourist destination, hence as a “defence mechanism” for disappointment and the “this wasn’t worth it” phenomenon, with great purpose and intent, I deliberately lower my expectation bar to sea level. As it turned out, the Shanjuan cave blew me out of the water and back to land!

IMG_9058   IMG_9059

Tired of Bloody Temples and Parks in China 

It was very refreshing to visit a cave! Both physically and mentally speaking! Throughout my travels, I have seen numerous temples and parks in China to dull my “wow” sensory organ for a period of time. But the cave was a much needed break for my sensual faculties. There was a water fall (man-made but ehh) and a cave boat ride! Plus, throughout the whole experience, being a child at heart, I imagined I was Batman. Yeah. Which made the whole experience that much better haha.

IMG_9063  IMG_9066

IMG_9081  IMG_9076

Final Thoughts

Would I come back? Nope. Am I glad I went? Yes. Enough said.


*These experiences were made possible by the Gilman Scholarship 


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